In this series of portraits, I wanted to capture the communication process that occurs within the art. Thus, I single out the spectator before the work, alluding to the inevitable encounter in the gallery or museum.

Photographing the back of people who observe a painting, is a novel proposal for me even if it has reminiscences of paintings like, “Woman at the window” of Caspar David Friedrich in 1822 and “Girl at the window” of Salvador Dalí in 1925. In them, (almost 100 years apart) a double vision is shown: a window that frames a particular environment, to where a character back to us loses his sight; and the painting itself as a whole to be viewed by the observer.

In the CAP series, the ARCO contemporary paintings serve as background for the portrait of the characters, and simultaneously raise "another reality" within photography. There is a spectator before the work but back to the person that stares at the photography, two games of unidirectional sights: a portrayed observer who sees and knows to be seen.